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You might need Quill
Why should I build my website with Quill?
In your website, what matters most is contents. Keep using Craft as your content management system and let Quill build websites for you. Your contents stay with you within your Craft account. That’s the single source of truth. If you use other tools, your workflow can be like this:
You write an article in Craft.
Open the website building platform (like WordPress.)
You copy and paste your article to the platform.
You publish the article and find a typo!
You fix it in the platform, but still need to do the same to the article in your Craft.
It happens at least 2-3 more times…
Also, don’t we all love Craft? It’s one of the best editors out there, which makes us happy when writing. Keep doing that! You don’t need to struggle with janky editors in browser. Keep write in pleasure with Craft, and let Quill publish it for you.
But, can’t I already do it with Craft?
You can get a secret link from Craft and share it with people. If that’s all you need, then I’m happy for you. But that’s still a publicly shared document. You have much bigger benefits once you convert them to a proper website.
Quill offers custom domain, search engine optimization, cached pages (meaning FAST), analytics, and many more features.
What if Craft offers custom domain in the future?
They will probably do it in the future, although we don’t know any concrete ETA. However, Quill already provides it right now and more features to build your websites. At the time Craft rolls out the custom domain support, Quill would probably have rolled out more features. The basic nature of Craft is a note taking app and they’re adding support to make it shareable and look like websites. However, Quill is a website generator from the beginning.
In the case you don’t need any features from Quill and want to go back to Craft only, it’s okay. You still have all your contents in Craft. There is absolutely no worry about backup, exporting, or migration fatigue.
What if I need a complex layout?
Quill offers functionality on top of Craft docs, including custom CSS & JavaScript, which can be useful for customization. However, if you want to design layouts of your website with drag and drag tools, then Quill is not for you. There are many good alternatives out there. Quill is more focused on those who spend lots of time writing in Craft.
What features do Quill offer?
Quite a lot. And the list grows. To give you some highlights:
SSL (https, secure protocol)
Fast loading (cached)
Search engine optimization (yes, Google knows about your website)
RSS Feed
Custom CSS, JavaScript
Analytics (you can install any analytics snippet like Google Analytics)
Embed anything (e.g. ConvertKit subscription form)
You can see the full list of Features you’re interested.
You’re not sure yet?
Email us at with some of secret links to your Craft docs. Tell us what you want to build. We can see if Quill works for you, or not. We will be honest because we don’t want to give you promise that we cannot keep. Your emails will help us build a good roadmap to cover many use cases.
Tell me about the beta
As the name suggests, Quill is in the public beta at the moment. We haven’t finished developing features that we initially intended. But by putting it out there early, we will be able to shape a better roadmap, thanks to the beta users’ feedback.
Beta price
A little fewer features, so a little lower price. It makes sense, right? Once you create a paid project in the beta period, your plan will be grandfathered. You pay the same amount for all the Pro plan features even if Quill officially launches or raises the Pro plan price.
Of course, you can start a project in Basic (free) plan first and then upgrade it to Pro plan later on. Basic plan has some limitations. You can see the difference between Basic and Pro plans.
What new features do I expect after the beta?
There is already a long list of features that Quill would like to offer. However, what actually is shipped in the official release heavily depends on the beta users' feedback. All the feedback and feature requests will greatly help shape the official form of Quill.
About Quill,
Who's behind Quill?
Quill is built by an indie developer, Eunjae Lee. The project has been started since February 2021. He is a big fan and a passionate user of Craft. This whole project was started just because he wanted to write his blog with Craft. You can reach out to him via Twitter @eunjae_lee.